Schedule and activities

This is our schedule and please note that this is only a “frame” that we work with.

Things are added to it and  the order may  change or moved from 15-30 minutes as well according to the theme, weather or just because someone had a good idea! The only fixed activities are meal time and nap time.

7h30 to 10h00 : Arrival and free play

10h00 to10h30: morning snack

10h30 to 11h45: Outside play, walk to the park

11h45 to 12h15:  Appropriate pre-screened show (often related to theme) while I prepare lunch

12h15 to 1h00:   Lunch and quiet play (blocks, puzzles, train set, books etc)

1h00 to 1h15:     Get ready for nap time, read stories, nursery rimes.

1h15 to 3h00:    Children rest on their bed and usually wake up at around 2h30 depending on each child

3h00 to 3h30:   Afternoon snack

3h30 to 5h30:   Craft, circle time, outside play, going to the park, play dough etc., Pick up time


Example of activities:

Depending on the group we may  walk to a different park, take our morning snack with us and have a picnic.

I get lots of material related to my weekly themes from the library so the children always have new books to read every week as well as educative videos and computer games (for the pre-schoolers)

I make sensory bins with different material in it so the children can feel texture and scoop things(water,corn, dry beans etc) into containers.

I make play dough with spices or essential oil so they can identify smells.

The pre-schoolers also gets to trace letters, practice to write their names, learn to hold scissors and crayons properly etc.

You can get a better idea of the theme we explored so far if you visit my blog page.



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