NAP OR REST: Every child must sleep or rest very quietly in their bed for at least 1 hour.  They will be allowed after to do something quiet for the remainder of quiet time. Quiet time is  1 1/2 to 2 hours a day depending on the children. If you must pick your child up during quiet time we can arrange for you to wait at the door and I would have the child ready to go so the other children’s sleep is not bothered.

SEASONNAL CLOTHING: your child will need to have appropriate clothing and gear in their bag. Winter snow gear  have to fit properly and have to be  tried on first to ensure that it fits and that your child will not be cold  after 10 minutes outside.  I cannot predict if it’s going to be hot, cold or windy. If they do not have the proper gear they cannot stay for the day as we go outside every day and it’s not fair to penalise the other children because of one. Feel free to leave things here for the week or the season. You can also leave diapers and wipes here.


Your child cannot bring toys here. There is a supply of age appropriate toys available that do not belong to anybody in particular (my child keeps her special toys in her bedroom). This is to prevent conflict and danger (toys that are not for small children) and to eliminate the opportunity for a toy to be lost. A special toy like a teddy bear or a blanket is allowed for comfort at quiet time only. No jewellery will be allowed here except for small earrings or things that do not come off. Your child’s pockets have to be emptied of little object such as toys or change (money) before you get here. Chewing gum or candy is not allowed.

PLAY AREA: Children play in the day home designated area and in the fenced yard outside. The kitchen table is for art, craft, and meals or if a child wants to play with something on their own or some time away from the toddlers.

DISCIPLINE: Redirection is used mostly.  If the child needs to calm down, behaves badly or after three warnings still does not follow instructions, I will remove a toy, restrict a certain activity or redirect to another place that would allow them to sit down, calm down or think about what they did.

PARENTS NEED TO: Dress and undress their child when they arrive and when they are picking them up at the end of the day.

IF YOUR CHILD IS SICK: Parents should use common sense with regard to minor illnesses and consider the impact on other children in the house. The child will need to stay home 24 hours from the last time fever was recorded without medication or 48 hours from last episode of vomiting or diarrhea. Your child has to stay home if they seem to feel sick, is too demanding (even with no fever) or is not well enough to participate in the normal daily activities. If the child has a communicable disease a note from the doctor will be requested before he comes back.

TOILET BREAKS: Regular toilet breaks will be taken, for example: before snacks, lunch, going outside and quiet time.

POTTY TRAINING:  has to start with the parent.

The child has to be ready and cannot be forced. Your child may be ready for potty training if they can stay dry for 2 hours and are able to pull their own pants up and down. When your child has achieved this goal and a whole week-end of being potty trained, I will continue with your progress and try to make it a fun time for your child. Please dress your child with sweat pants or other pants easy to pull up.

Unfortunately, I do not have time to go to the toilet with a child every 20 minutes this is why it has to start at home first when the child is ready to be trained.

Even when the toilet training is going good the child will still have to wear training pants to prevent accidents. I do not give treats to children who go potty; instead I give hugs, hi- fives and encouragement.

The child is considered potty trained when he has been using the toilet for 2 weeks without being asked and did not have accidents for 2 weeks.

FOOD: Healthy food is provided for morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Children will not be forced to eat meals and ample time will be provided for them to finish eating. We will only eat while sitting at the table at snack or lunch time. Your child must have had breakfast before he gets here. Sweets and treats are only for special occasions.  If your child requires baby food or bottles of milk you will have to bring it with you. 

WORKING TOGETHER: I want your child to be happy, comfortable and have lots of fun here with us. When needed, I ask parents for their help in encouraging children to dress and undress themselves, putting toys away, etc… If there is a problem, something that your child needs to work on, if there is a situation that your child is going through or even if he is just having a bad day, I would appreciate to know so I can help the child, comfort and understand him.


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