Winter theme


Those books are great! It’s a series to help kids learn to read and they kind of follow the seasons with a few exceptions.


Meet Mrs. Sock-snow-girl…

After singing the song below she ended up like …


like this…


I knitted the clothes on a loom and the girls helped me, they liked it!

I made an Ice fishing sensory bin…

DSCF80962 hole in a block of ice on water, 2 magnet fishing rod…DSCF8123DSCF8124

3 more bins with icicles crayons and icicle canvas…


I drew a snowman and the kids had to cut it out and cut the clothes out as well then stick it on a carton.


We also made a “ski person” , watch a ski vidoe and and an acrobatic ski video and had them go down the “slide hill”.




We learned about picasso’s interesting style of paintings…




Green slush

Cold snow, warm green water in squirt bottles and tools to work with… DSCF7349DSCF7356DSCF7353DSCF7355

I was hoping they would have fun for 20 minutes but it lasted 45 minutes! Even R. who is almost 2 years old played for about 40 minutes! An activity to repeat a few times when the “real winter” will be here.

Instant winter

I was so exited when I got up in the morning to see the first snow of the season (or pre-season). What a surprise!DSCF7311 

We made the most of that perfect snow-man material. I only rolled the “bottom” ball and the girls rolled one each. Pretty big for a 3 and a 4 year old! Our creation ended up being just as tall as me so she got to wear my Halloween costume.DSCF7312


Unfortunately our snow-lady was leaning on one side and fell down about 30 minutes after we came back in. Lucky we took some photos!