Random activities

Ever since we left winter and got into nicer weather we have been spending more time outside and I have been taking less photos and I done fewer blog post so this is a medley of Mother’s day, Father’s day and other things.

Mother’s day craft…children decorated a cup put play dough in it to hold the flowers that they made…


I have added children educative computer games to the pre-schooled curriculum. This one was a game to learn French and it turned out to be working because some children picked up a few word playing it.


We revisited the “growing theme”


Had a tracing sand box activity


Father’s day craft…a frame made from paper Mache by the children, they painted it and decorated it with foam stickers and I added a photo.



Winter theme


Those books are great! It’s a series to help kids learn to read and they kind of follow the seasons with a few exceptions.


Meet Mrs. Sock-snow-girl…

After singing the song below she ended up like …


like this…


I knitted the clothes on a loom and the girls helped me, they liked it!

I made an Ice fishing sensory bin…

DSCF80962 hole in a block of ice on water, 2 magnet fishing rod…DSCF8123DSCF8124

3 more bins with icicles crayons and icicle canvas…


I drew a snowman and the kids had to cut it out and cut the clothes out as well then stick it on a carton.


We also made a “ski person” , watch a ski vidoe and and an acrobatic ski video and had them go down the “slide hill”.




We learned about picasso’s interesting style of paintings…



In a year there is 4 seasons and 12 months

DSCF7912I haven’t posted for a while, I guess I got caught in the “Christmas rush”. I totally forgot to take pictures of what we did, ornaments, cards, candy cane sleigh, ginger bread village etc. I only took a few of our Christmas tree.DSCF7913

This week was about learning what is a year or what is in a year. Something hard for children to understand. I am pretty sure the pre-schoolers now know the seasons and I can say they have been introduce to the 12 months.DSCF7948


Little drawings of each holiday and everyone’s birthday under the months


Above it was the season’s name in English, Spanish and French cover with paint. I decided to associate a color with each season to help them learn. I had a video about the seasons ( baby Einstein) showing Monet’s paintings  and  photos of landscapes with the seasonal change in time-laps.

Down here it looks like a mess but in fact it’s the free-art table where kids get to choose what they want to craft and with what they want to work. It was a lot of fun.


Here are some art work…

From K.


From R.


From M.


When I thought of taking photos B. was already gone with her creation…

Then today  I made 1 sensory bin for each season. The children rotated and had a turns with every bin.

Here is Winter…DSCF7989

Rainy spring…DSCF7983


and fall…


Songs are always a great learning tool and we used this one for the seasons and made our own for the 12 months.

Ocean week

DSCF7734We loved this book about the daddy of different species that looks after the eggs so we made a Daddy seahorse with eggs on his belly.DSCF7752

We also made a jelly fish with a painted paper plate and different color yarn and it turned out pretty good. Sorry they all went home before I could take any photos.

On another day we had an ocean world with salt water, rocks, shells, sea animals and some boats who turned out to be a wonderful container to put sea treasure in.DSCF7754DSCF7757DSCF7760DSCF7761DSCF7764DSCF7765DSCF7770DSCF7772DSCF7774

Ocean week

Learning about color mixing, water and ice with a frozen sea and some ice-block sailboats.DSCF7724DSCF7726DSCF7728

Some little treasures found at the library to go with our theme.


This one is so interesting. It doesn’t have any words so the children can read it on their own and figure out the story by looking at the illustrations. I love it!


Paper plate mosaic fish…


What have we done in November

I have neglected my blog a little lately so I will try to catch up.


One of the kids favourite thing is to build a tent with the couch and blankets. They build at least 1 a day but often it’s 2. They sit in it to read or play but their fun is in to building it and choosing the best where to put it.


Working with our pumpkin pie play dough. Letter shapes and poking it with crayonsDSCF7531DSCF7533

I have cleaned the toddler slide and put it inside for some active play through the winter. It became a castle, a crib and even a dog house through different pretend play scenarios.

We had a few days talking about frogs as well.


Five little speckled frog book and cd to sing along and play.


Some mathematic jumping frogs on play dough Lillie pads.



and a frog pond for some water play.


We also had a “princess week”. Mr. R. was away so we took the opportunity to have a girly theme.


Thanks to our library we had heaps of book to go with our theme.

What shape can you find in a castle?



We made a shape puzzle to glue on a sheet. A few play and lots of dressing up with crowns and jewellery of course. The girls thought it was hilarious that the middle age people didn’t have toilets and threw their waste in the streets.

Thanks to Miss B.’s Mom the girls had lots of dress to choose from.


Toilet paper roll princess…

DSCF7617Still in the princess theme, here are some pretty castles, tower and sculpture made with our favourite material. Unfortunately the spray bottles ended up freezing and were way too messy for the girls to use. Squirt bottles and less food color next time maybe.


Halloween party

DSCF7475This is what we did before lunch o Friday. The night before I made a suspicious purple mixture and I threw some bugs, reptiles, bats and skeletons in it for some messy fun. The children were really happy to find out that there was a texture to it. They measured, poured, mixed. While the other were busy making a mess B. found a skeleton and since she is the signer of the group she sang the skeleton dance for about 10 minutes before starting to get messy too. DSCF7477



R. who is not even 2 years old worked at it longer than everybody else. He was pouring it on himself and was covered with purple stuff loll. Everybody loved this activity but he loved it a little more.DSCF7473DSCF7497DSCF7485

DSCF7515We had those mommy sausage for lunch with vegetables, fries and blood(ketchup)

DSCF7517Unfortunately after the messy play I was too busy to take the photos I would have liked to take. We painted a mini pumpkin, had a lantern walk(lantern that we made) in the dark, had a dance party, some treats. For snack we decorated our own cupcake with treats and had children fingers(home-made gold fish crackers shaped as fingers),blood cocktail(V-8) and witch potion(apple juice).

We had a monkey, a witch, a fairy, a pixie and a huge ninja (me)that had trouble going through doorways. It was a very fun day!

3 little mermaids

It’s “mermaid theme” at the day station!

We started with this great sensory book where the kids can touch and pull things to make the pictures come alive.

mermaid book


After  “little hands” helped  fill our sensory bin with blue sand, aquarium plants and some shells.

mermaid bin blue 6mermaid bin blue 2

We made another one with purple aquarium rocks

mermaid bin purple 2


mermaid bin purple 1

Here they are two mermaid worlds ready to be explored!


mermaid bins

mermaid bin blue 8mermaid bin blue 3

Ariel’s bed

mermaid bin blue 5mermaid bin purple 3

But what is a mermaid world without water…

mermaid bin blue 7

Let the fun begin…

mermaid bin blue 1

The girls agreed that the purple rock bin was much better because it was easier to build castles with and also didn’t dirty their hands so I decided to do two bins with purple rocks Smile