Random activities

Ever since we left winter and got into nicer weather we have been spending more time outside and I have been taking less photos and I done fewer blog post so this is a medley of Mother’s day, Father’s day and other things.

Mother’s day craft…children decorated a cup put play dough in it to hold the flowers that they made…


I have added children educative computer games to the pre-schooled curriculum. This one was a game to learn French and it turned out to be working because some children picked up a few word playing it.


We revisited the “growing theme”


Had a tracing sand box activity


Father’s day craft…a frame made from paper Mache by the children, they painted it and decorated it with foam stickers and I added a photo.



Transportation theme


There was some tent building as well…


Chocolate mud sensory play…smells so good!


The week before Easter…

We made easter basket with paper, glue and yarn.



We had an Easter egg letter matching game…


We made bunny nose…


Dora tried it…


We made a rolled cookies recipe and squished it into the cookie cutter instead of rolling. Way easier!



The fun part was decorating and eating!


Around the world: Australia


January 26 was Australia day and since we have Australian blood in our family this week is about this beautiful country.

K for koala was added to the letter tree…



2 of our team members were sick and stayed at home for the first tree days of the week and it was really quiet in here Sad smile.

I made some eucalyptus yellow playdough for the sunshine of Australia and the leaves that the Koala eats of course plus the eucalyptus oil can’t hurt with everybody sick with a cold lol


We looked at aboriginal artist doing “dot paintings” and had a first try at it with bingo dabbers. Sorry I forgot to take a pic…

Then we made our very own cave painting just like we saw in the book. DSCF8030

The result were better than what I was hopping for SmileDSCF8025


Second try at dot painting with different color paint and Q-tips this time.

Here is an authentic aboriginal painting from my 5 year old.


Then there was this song about a certain bird…



This is what you can really hear in Australia when you wake up in the morning so we listened to it and to a few version of the kookaburra song as well. Once we knew the song we played pass the bird while singing it and who ever had the bird when the song stopped had to imitate the bird’s laugh lol. A noisy but fun game…

to be continued…

Learning the days of the week

We kept on learning the seasons, months and days of the week with songs and craft. DSCF8002DSCF8003

Down here the children picked their favourite season and created a door hanger with little pieces of paper they had to tarDSCF8005e.DSCF8007

The children were introduced to time.

We made a clock and I drew pictures of what happens during our day here at the Day Station to help them understand what time means.DSCF7999


“our day” is now stock on the wall beside “our year” and the letter tree so the children can refer to it whenever they want.


C for clock


Cookie puzzle

While shopping a while ago I stumbled upon a bag of alphabets cookie-cutters. I had to buy it of course. Today was perfect to try it out to cheer the little ones who weren’t all having a good day. They turned out hard to use. It was difficult to get the letter out of the cutter without breaking it and my cookie dough was also hard to work so the children did it with lots of help loll.


We made each of the children’s name.When they were ready I put them in a plate in the wrong order so they had to work it out before they could eat their name. It was fun and with some bananas along, it made a delicious snack as well.

As you can see they were a little over cooked but I couldn’t help it…we got lost in our Christmas book collection.

What have we done in November

I have neglected my blog a little lately so I will try to catch up.


One of the kids favourite thing is to build a tent with the couch and blankets. They build at least 1 a day but often it’s 2. They sit in it to read or play but their fun is in to building it and choosing the best where to put it.


Working with our pumpkin pie play dough. Letter shapes and poking it with crayonsDSCF7531DSCF7533

I have cleaned the toddler slide and put it inside for some active play through the winter. It became a castle, a crib and even a dog house through different pretend play scenarios.

We had a few days talking about frogs as well.


Five little speckled frog book and cd to sing along and play.


Some mathematic jumping frogs on play dough Lillie pads.



and a frog pond for some water play.


We also had a “princess week”. Mr. R. was away so we took the opportunity to have a girly theme.


Thanks to our library we had heaps of book to go with our theme.

What shape can you find in a castle?



We made a shape puzzle to glue on a sheet. A few play and lots of dressing up with crowns and jewellery of course. The girls thought it was hilarious that the middle age people didn’t have toilets and threw their waste in the streets.

Thanks to Miss B.’s Mom the girls had lots of dress to choose from.


Toilet paper roll princess…

DSCF7617Still in the princess theme, here are some pretty castles, tower and sculpture made with our favourite material. Unfortunately the spray bottles ended up freezing and were way too messy for the girls to use. Squirt bottles and less food color next time maybe.