Nutrition week

This week was about nutrition, what is healthy food and what is not and learning about the food groups too.

DSCF8385First we made our own food with examples that the children picked themselves. Then had a little coloring, cutting and gluing activity to help learn about the 4 food groups.DSCF8383

We set up a grocery store with the tool bench and also a restaurant table to play chefs.


Since we had some extra chef jacket here we just needed to craft our own hat and the costume was perfect.



We read a few related books like usual…


Thanks to the library we could watch this video…DSCF8387

We also made this delicious strawberry frozen yogurt for afternoon snack.

Very easy and only 3 simple ingredients. Strawberry yogurt, strawberries(pureed) and some maple syrup…


Not allowed to lick the spoon "’til the very end!


Just have to wait now!

Thanks to B.’s Mom we also played hungry hippo and also Mr. Bucket who was such a fun game. The children had lot’s of fun chasing him around while he was spitting balls everywhere!

We also had lots of great sun and snow play outside this week!


To finish the week we made cod fish stick for lunch, the kids loved them! It taste so much better than the frozen ones from the grocery store!



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