Zoo theme


Lucky me found a few animal theme book from Eric Carle for our Zoo week! I love his books, it is so creative and kid’s friendly!


Inspired by the book we made a related craft. I first traced each kid’s foot or paper then cut some ears, horns and a neck. We used the foot for the head, yarn and finger prints for the spots.




We also made a paper plate snake. decorated with bingo dabbers.DSCF8221DSCF8224





Then we learned about the flamingo, had a contest to see who could hold the flamingo pose the longest (it wasn’t me).

Then we made this “hand print number 4 feathery bird”.


We also made those funny looking penguins and played this custom made penguin game with a dice. How fun mathematics can get?



Then we read a book about parrots, learn where than hang out, where they sleep and what they eat.

After making the puppet…


we each had a turn at playing the parrot role and  asking the others : are you a fruit, a nut or a flower? After the answered the parrot had to eat them (it’s when the chasing was happening) Lots of fun!

There was also animals potato paw print…



2 thoughts on “Zoo theme

  1. I like the gardening idea this time of year…I agree we need some encouragement that spring is coming! I LOVE the coffee beans in the sensory bin as well!

    • Thank you! I love winter but this year since we started before Halloween it is getting a bit long lol The kids loved the sensory bin, it’s dark brown just like dirt but their hand kept clean anyway! Side-effect: Because of the smell I drank much more coffee than I usually do lol
      Thanks for visiting!

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