Around the world: Australia


January 26 was Australia day and since we have Australian blood in our family this week is about this beautiful country.

K for koala was added to the letter tree…



2 of our team members were sick and stayed at home for the first tree days of the week and it was really quiet in here Sad smile.

I made some eucalyptus yellow playdough for the sunshine of Australia and the leaves that the Koala eats of course plus the eucalyptus oil can’t hurt with everybody sick with a cold lol


We looked at aboriginal artist doing “dot paintings” and had a first try at it with bingo dabbers. Sorry I forgot to take a pic…

Then we made our very own cave painting just like we saw in the book. DSCF8030

The result were better than what I was hopping for SmileDSCF8025


Second try at dot painting with different color paint and Q-tips this time.

Here is an authentic aboriginal painting from my 5 year old.


Then there was this song about a certain bird…



This is what you can really hear in Australia when you wake up in the morning so we listened to it and to a few version of the kookaburra song as well. Once we knew the song we played pass the bird while singing it and who ever had the bird when the song stopped had to imitate the bird’s laugh lol. A noisy but fun game…

to be continued…


Learning the days of the week

We kept on learning the seasons, months and days of the week with songs and craft. DSCF8002DSCF8003

Down here the children picked their favourite season and created a door hanger with little pieces of paper they had to tarDSCF8005e.DSCF8007

The children were introduced to time.

We made a clock and I drew pictures of what happens during our day here at the Day Station to help them understand what time means.DSCF7999


“our day” is now stock on the wall beside “our year” and the letter tree so the children can refer to it whenever they want.


C for clock


In a year there is 4 seasons and 12 months

DSCF7912I haven’t posted for a while, I guess I got caught in the “Christmas rush”. I totally forgot to take pictures of what we did, ornaments, cards, candy cane sleigh, ginger bread village etc. I only took a few of our Christmas tree.DSCF7913

This week was about learning what is a year or what is in a year. Something hard for children to understand. I am pretty sure the pre-schoolers now know the seasons and I can say they have been introduce to the 12 months.DSCF7948


Little drawings of each holiday and everyone’s birthday under the months


Above it was the season’s name in English, Spanish and French cover with paint. I decided to associate a color with each season to help them learn. I had a video about the seasons ( baby Einstein) showing Monet’s paintings  and  photos of landscapes with the seasonal change in time-laps.

Down here it looks like a mess but in fact it’s the free-art table where kids get to choose what they want to craft and with what they want to work. It was a lot of fun.


Here are some art work…

From K.


From R.


From M.


When I thought of taking photos B. was already gone with her creation…

Then today  I made 1 sensory bin for each season. The children rotated and had a turns with every bin.

Here is Winter…DSCF7989

Rainy spring…DSCF7983


and fall…


Songs are always a great learning tool and we used this one for the seasons and made our own for the 12 months.