Cookie puzzle

While shopping a while ago I stumbled upon a bag of alphabets cookie-cutters. I had to buy it of course. Today was perfect to try it out to cheer the little ones who weren’t all having a good day. They turned out hard to use. It was difficult to get the letter out of the cutter without breaking it and my cookie dough was also hard to work so the children did it with lots of help loll.


We made each of the children’s name.When they were ready I put them in a plate in the wrong order so they had to work it out before they could eat their name. It was fun and with some bananas along, it made a delicious snack as well.

As you can see they were a little over cooked but I couldn’t help it…we got lost in our Christmas book collection.


Fresh seahorse pretzel


We started to roll the dough like a snake and turn it into a seahorse with a raisin for the eye. We also made a fish which turned out to be easier to make. A ball for the body a snake for the tail, cut a mouth out and use it for the fins.

DSCF7781DSCF7787We shaped our creations and then sprinkled them with Himalayan pink salt(it was the only coarse salt I had on hand).DSCF7790DSCF7794DSCF7792DSCF7802DSCF7795DSCF7797DSCF7800

Our sea animals were crunchy outside but moist inside YUM!

Ocean week

DSCF7734We loved this book about the daddy of different species that looks after the eggs so we made a Daddy seahorse with eggs on his belly.DSCF7752

We also made a jelly fish with a painted paper plate and different color yarn and it turned out pretty good. Sorry they all went home before I could take any photos.

On another day we had an ocean world with salt water, rocks, shells, sea animals and some boats who turned out to be a wonderful container to put sea treasure in.DSCF7754DSCF7757DSCF7760DSCF7761DSCF7764DSCF7765DSCF7770DSCF7772DSCF7774