What have we done in November

I have neglected my blog a little lately so I will try to catch up.


One of the kids favourite thing is to build a tent with the couch and blankets. They build at least 1 a day but often it’s 2. They sit in it to read or play but their fun is in to building it and choosing the best where to put it.


Working with our pumpkin pie play dough. Letter shapes and poking it with crayonsDSCF7531DSCF7533

I have cleaned the toddler slide and put it inside for some active play through the winter. It became a castle, a crib and even a dog house through different pretend play scenarios.

We had a few days talking about frogs as well.


Five little speckled frog book and cd to sing along and play.


Some mathematic jumping frogs on play dough Lillie pads.



and a frog pond for some water play.


We also had a “princess week”. Mr. R. was away so we took the opportunity to have a girly theme.


Thanks to our library we had heaps of book to go with our theme.

What shape can you find in a castle?



We made a shape puzzle to glue on a sheet. A few play and lots of dressing up with crowns and jewellery of course. The girls thought it was hilarious that the middle age people didn’t have toilets and threw their waste in the streets.

Thanks to Miss B.’s Mom the girls had lots of dress to choose from.


Toilet paper roll princess…

DSCF7617Still in the princess theme, here are some pretty castles, tower and sculpture made with our favourite material. Unfortunately the spray bottles ended up freezing and were way too messy for the girls to use. Squirt bottles and less food color next time maybe.



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