Halloween party

DSCF7475This is what we did before lunch o Friday. The night before I made a suspicious purple mixture and I threw some bugs, reptiles, bats and skeletons in it for some messy fun. The children were really happy to find out that there was a texture to it. They measured, poured, mixed. While the other were busy making a mess B. found a skeleton and since she is the signer of the group she sang the skeleton dance for about 10 minutes before starting to get messy too. DSCF7477



R. who is not even 2 years old worked at it longer than everybody else. He was pouring it on himself and was covered with purple stuff loll. Everybody loved this activity but he loved it a little more.DSCF7473DSCF7497DSCF7485

DSCF7515We had those mommy sausage for lunch with vegetables, fries and blood(ketchup)

DSCF7517Unfortunately after the messy play I was too busy to take the photos I would have liked to take. We painted a mini pumpkin, had a lantern walk(lantern that we made) in the dark, had a dance party, some treats. For snack we decorated our own cupcake with treats and had children fingers(home-made gold fish crackers shaped as fingers),blood cocktail(V-8) and witch potion(apple juice).

We had a monkey, a witch, a fairy, a pixie and a huge ninja (me)that had trouble going through doorways. It was a very fun day!


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