Witch recipe…

First you will need spiders(star aniseed)…DSCF7394 Magic powder(dry basil)…DSCF7397 Ants heads(peppercorn)…DSCF7398 Some cups and spoons as well…DSCF7401

Then you can make a witch potion.DSCF7403 I almost forgot…little children as well…I mean, in the potion of course!DSCF7407M. and B. got to measure, poor, mix, wet their clothes, the table and the floor as well but it was all part of this evil plan. They also experienced different smells but at the end the whole bathroom had a basil fragrance.DSCF7416DSCF7423DSCF7419DSCF7421DSCF7425

This was R.’s work place.DSCF7405

He did not get the spices but he picked some equipment from the toy kitchen instead. He had his own little chair and table(don’t worry the potty was super clean and haven’t been used in more than a year.)



The water was nice and warm with a little soap for some bubbles.


R. did not  get to wet his clothes like the girls but he had fun running around with me chasing him and trying to dress him up loll.


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