Spooky silhouette collage


The children painted their own background with water color paint and glued it to a black paper. I did the cut out and they glued it on their landscape themselves. It was very simple to do and prepare and we did it in 2 steps over 2 days last week.DSCF7462

Thanks to Little panda pre-school who shared this activity. This blog is filled with great ideas and learning activities. I don’t have all their equipment but I get inspiration there and can adapt some of their activities to my day home sometimes. Here is our version of this Halloween art project. DSCF7464

Halloween party

DSCF7475This is what we did before lunch o Friday. The night before I made a suspicious purple mixture and I threw some bugs, reptiles, bats and skeletons in it for some messy fun. The children were really happy to find out that there was a texture to it. They measured, poured, mixed. While the other were busy making a mess B. found a skeleton and since she is the signer of the group she sang the skeleton dance for about 10 minutes before starting to get messy too. DSCF7477



R. who is not even 2 years old worked at it longer than everybody else. He was pouring it on himself and was covered with purple stuff loll. Everybody loved this activity but he loved it a little more.DSCF7473DSCF7497DSCF7485

DSCF7515We had those mommy sausage for lunch with vegetables, fries and blood(ketchup)

DSCF7517Unfortunately after the messy play I was too busy to take the photos I would have liked to take. We painted a mini pumpkin, had a lantern walk(lantern that we made) in the dark, had a dance party, some treats. For snack we decorated our own cupcake with treats and had children fingers(home-made gold fish crackers shaped as fingers),blood cocktail(V-8) and witch potion(apple juice).

We had a monkey, a witch, a fairy, a pixie and a huge ninja (me)that had trouble going through doorways. It was a very fun day!

Orange day

DSCF7441On orange day everybody was asked to wear something orange if possible. We did some scary orange pumpkin mask.DSCF7470DSCF7468 Had a ferocious sandwich…DSCF7459 …and worked on our Halloween lantern.(still in progress). DSCF7435

Here is some unplanned fun. The girls put on a puppet show and built their own theater as well. R. was already watching the show when B. suddenly decided to get out of the theater in a hurry because she wanted to watch the show as well loll.


Witch recipe…

First you will need spiders(star aniseed)…DSCF7394 Magic powder(dry basil)…DSCF7397 Ants heads(peppercorn)…DSCF7398 Some cups and spoons as well…DSCF7401

Then you can make a witch potion.DSCF7403 I almost forgot…little children as well…I mean, in the potion of course!DSCF7407M. and B. got to measure, poor, mix, wet their clothes, the table and the floor as well but it was all part of this evil plan. They also experienced different smells but at the end the whole bathroom had a basil fragrance.DSCF7416DSCF7423DSCF7419DSCF7421DSCF7425

This was R.’s work place.DSCF7405

He did not get the spices but he picked some equipment from the toy kitchen instead. He had his own little chair and table(don’t worry the potty was super clean and haven’t been used in more than a year.)



The water was nice and warm with a little soap for some bubbles.


R. did not  get to wet his clothes like the girls but he had fun running around with me chasing him and trying to dress him up loll.

Welcome to the skeleton dance school



After seeing all those dancing monsters something had to be done about it so we made our own pictures and cut them out. The girls wanted to decorate their big kid club so here it is from K. we have Frankenstein and company.


From M. we have the 10 eyed monster with his pet horse. Of course we also had something from B. who decided it would look nicer on her bedroom wall. R. was not really in the mood for art and preferred to play with a bag of colourful felt pieces.

Ghost eater game!

I had those weird pieces of carton in my recycling box, they looked like little TVs so I kept them in the craft box thinking we could play with them. We decided to make something out of it… monsters with huge mouth and sharp teeth. We wanted to play with them right away so we used crayons instead of paint to decorate.


Then we made ghost out of tissue paper.DSCF7362DSCF7365

After we tried to feed our monsters with the ghost. It worked alright and has been played with a little but it’s the process of making the game that was the most fun Smile

Green slush

Cold snow, warm green water in squirt bottles and tools to work with… DSCF7349DSCF7356DSCF7353DSCF7355

I was hoping they would have fun for 20 minutes but it lasted 45 minutes! Even R. who is almost 2 years old played for about 40 minutes! An activity to repeat a few times when the “real winter” will be here.