3 little mermaids

It’s “mermaid theme” at the day station!

We started with this great sensory book where the kids can touch and pull things to make the pictures come alive.

mermaid book


After  “little hands” helped  fill our sensory bin with blue sand, aquarium plants and some shells.

mermaid bin blue 6mermaid bin blue 2

We made another one with purple aquarium rocks

mermaid bin purple 2


mermaid bin purple 1

Here they are two mermaid worlds ready to be explored!


mermaid bins

mermaid bin blue 8mermaid bin blue 3

Ariel’s bed

mermaid bin blue 5mermaid bin purple 3

But what is a mermaid world without water…

mermaid bin blue 7

Let the fun begin…

mermaid bin blue 1

The girls agreed that the purple rock bin was much better because it was easier to build castles with and also didn’t dirty their hands so I decided to do two bins with purple rocks Smile


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